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Help me choose

AMS-IX is in the process of replacing my.ams-ix by a new customer portal, namely Ultimately, we will service all our customers via But during the transition phase, we will have both portals running in parallel.

So which portal should you choose?

For new customers (after 15/12/2020)

If you are new to AMS-IX and would like to connect to our Amsterdam platform and order Internet Peering, GRX or Anti-DDoS services, please sign up via

If you are new to AMS-IX and would like to peer at any other location than Amsterdam or if you want to use any other service than Peering, GRX or Anti-DDoS (Private Interconnect, Cloud Access, I-IPX, MMS Data Exchange, or Closed User Group), please sign up via my.AMS-IX.

If you are still unsure about which portal you should pick or if you have additional questions, contact our sales team.

For existing customers (before 15/12/2020)

If you are an existing customer of AMS-IX and you already have a my.AMS-IX account, you can continue to log in to my.AMS-IX.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact our service coordinators.

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