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We are experiencing an outage on our peering platform in Amsterdam. We are working on resolving the issue and will investigate the root cause. Apologies for the inconvenience.

Anti Ddos


Distributed Denial of Service attacks are growing in size and continue to be a top risk for public services around the world. Mitigating and combating DDoS-attacks is a complex matter. AMS-IX can help: there are multiple ways to tackle these issues by using our interconnection platform.

How it works

Within our ecosystem of connected networks, there are companies that can provide you with various anti-DDoS measures and services, either on a commercial or non-commercial basis. Our platform gives you a direct access to many of these solutions.

We can help you protect your Internet infrastructure from threats and service disruptions through the large offering of our customer base. Protection can result in removing DDoS attacks on multiple layers, while allowing all clean traffic to pass without being impacted. If you are looking for a mitigation service, a scrubbing centre or an anti-DDOS tunnel, all you need is an AMS-IX port and a BGP router. This will allow you to reach a wide-spectrum of leading security providers.

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Anti Ddos

Benefits of Anti-DDoS

Multiple anti-DDoS solutions

Access to one or more DDoS mitigation providers over your existing port

Improved network performance

Protect your Internet infrastructure from threats and service disruptions


Can you handle a DDOS-attack of 900,000 RPS?

DDOS-attacks are on the rise all over Europe as Russian hacktivist groups seem keen to disrupt key industries and logistics. The attacks are growing in intensity and complexity and are challenging Europe’s digital resilience. Are you ready for a DDOS attacks that hits an intensity of almost 900,000 requests per second?


There are multiple way to combat DDoS-attacks, each with their own characteristics and technology. Depending on your needs, we can advice the correct service.

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