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AMS-IX colocations

We house our infrastructure in several data centres with secure and controlled environments. At these data centres, you can connect to our infrastructure locally, by installing a cross-connect between your (or your partner/carrier’s) equipment and our patch panel.

Connecting to AMS-IX at the colocation of your choice takes approximately one week.We offer identical services at all of the sites, however locations differ in their set of services, conditions and pricing.

Data Centre Standard

AMS-IX has an ongoing program intended to ensure that technical infrastructure, operational documentation and processes are in place to secure continuity of our services.

From our experience, a true understanding of the resilience provided from a colocation data centre is only realised through an in-depth audit of both the technical infrastructure and the operational procedures. Therefore, we audit the infrastructure and operational processes at the data centres where we host our services every two years.

We use the Capitoline/AMS‐IX audit standard, which is the most useful data centre business continuity standard and audit tool available today. The standard is based on the relevant requirements of many existing standards (including EN50600 and ISO 27000) and years of best practice data centre operational management.

If you are preparing for an audit or would like to read the full Capitoline/AMS-IX audit standard document:

AMS-IX Points of Presence

Data CentrePhoneAddress
1NorthC Amsterdam (AMS01)
+31 (0)20 486 9773Kabelweg 48a, AmsterdamVisit website
2Digital Realty AMS17
-Science Park 120, AmsterdamVisit website
3Digital Realty AMS18
+31 (0)20 480 4415H.J.E. Wenckebachweg 127, AmsterdamVisit website
4Equinix AM1/2
+31 (0)53 434 0570Luttenbergweg 4, AmsterdamVisit website
5Equinix AM3
+31 (0)20 808 0015Science Park 610, AmsterdamVisit website
6Equinix AM5
+31 (0)20 592 8263Schepenbergweg 42, AmsterdamVisit website
7Equinix AM6
+31 (0)53 436 2666Duivendrechtsekade 80A, AmsterdamVisit website
8Equinix AM7
+31 (0)53 434 0570Kuiperbergweg 13, AmsterdamVisit website
+31 (0)20 354 8098Paul van Vlissingenstraat 16, AmsterdamVisit website
10Iron Mountain
+31 (0)20 316 5170J.W. Lucasweg 35, HaarlemVisit website
11Global Switch
+31 (0)20 666 6300Henk Sneevlietweg 2-6, AmsterdamVisit website
12Digital Realty AMS5
+31 (0)20 880 7700Tupolevlaan 101, Schiphol-RijkVisit website
13Digital Realty AMS9
+31 (0)20 560 6600Science Park 121, AmsterdamVisit website
+31 (0)20 592 2037Science Park 105, AmsterdamVisit website
15Greenhouse+31 (0)17 420 0222Industriestraat 53, NaaldwijkVisit website
16Smartdc+31 (0)10 890 0048Van Nelleweg, RotterdamVisit website
North C logo
Digital Realty Logo
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Eunetworks Logo No Tagline
Greenhouse logo
Global Switch 01
Logo Dark Blue 01
Nikheflogooutline 01
Smartdc logo

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