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9.608 Tb/s
12.724 Tb/s
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Data Centre Interconnect

A private and flexible point-to-point connectivity between one or more AMS-IX enabled data centres in Amsterdam.

How it works

AMS-IX Data Centre Interconnect (DCI) service allows you to interconnect between any of our AMS-IX enabled Data Centres in Amsterdam. Extend your internet infrastructure to other Data Centres, without having to build a new physical presence to reach your customers, data, and applications. Our DCI service is built on a fully managed and redundant ethernet network, ensuring a reliable and low-latency connectivity between your sites.

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DC connect 01

Benefits of Data Centre Interconnect

Enhanced network performance

Low latency connection


Our platform is built on a redundant ethernet backbone

Reduced connectivity and infrastructure costs

Extend your reach to other data centres without investing in equipment

Fast provisioning

Save time using our self-service portal and software defined provisioning platform

Secure connection

Interconnect your sites and bypassing the public internet


Managed and operated by a neutral and independent organisation with many years of proven experience in the interconection market.


Core Move: Flipping a bowl of spaghetti without losing the sauce

Blog by Tim Vriend (Manager Delivery & Operations) about the migration of the core node of the AMS-IX Amsterdam platform.


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