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5 things you want to know about our new community portal


Bram Semeijn

Bram Semeijn

PR Specialist

December 12, 2020

We have exciting news for everyone who wants to connect to Amsterdam! We have launched, a new community portal for our new customers and members. The new portal will make it even easier to connect to AMS-IX and will significantly improve the quality of our service. 5 things you want to know about AMS-IX new community portal.

1) Why is AMS-IX replacing my.ams-ix with

My.ams-ix has already been in use for quite some time and always functioned very well. With we really want to enhance the quality of our customer experience. We want to automate several administrative processes. Additionally, we want to integrate the portal with other administrative systems so we can offer more transparency for our customers and members. My.ams-ix was not designed to support this level of integration; therefore, we built a new portal from the ground up.

2) How will improve my customer experience?

The new community portal has various advantages over the older portal. Some key features of the new portal are:

  • Making a quote This used to be a manual procedure, but in this is all automated. A customer can pick which services and products they like to order and see it back in a quote. In this way, it is ideal for you to play around and see what kind of connectivity option suits you best.
  • Easy upgrading Upgrading your connection used to be a back and forth with our customer service. This process has changed for the better. Upgrading can now be done within the existing contract with far fewer steps in between.
  • Intuitive handling My.AMS-IX was initially built as an administrative tool. The new portal is built first, and foremost with the idea that it is used by customers. This means a more intuitive handling of controls. Moreover, the portal is visually attractive.
  • Transparency is integrated with the back-office systems, which means we can deliver more transparency. The dashboard will give customers insight in traffic statistics. Customers can find and download all their invoices at one place.
  • Communicate with our customer service coordinators facilitates a direct line of communication with our customer service coordinators via a personal mailbox in the system.

3) Why is AMS-IX currently hosting two portals?

To limit the impact on our customers we’ve chosen a phased approach for introducing

  • During the first phase (starting 15th of December), will only be available for new customers who want to use our internet peering in Amsterdam. Other services and locations will still be supported via my.AMS-IX.
  • During the second phase (first half of 2021), we will enable all our other services and locations in
  • Once all the functionality and locations of the AMS-IX portal are enabled, the AMS-IX team will migrate the customer base to the new portal environment.

During the whole transition, we are keeping both portals available for our customers so that you’ll always have the full range of services and locations at your disposal.

On the ‘Help me choose’ page you can find guidance which portal you should use.

4) I’m already a customer of AMS-IX using My.AMS-IX. How will this affect me?

For the moment, nothing changes for you. If you already have an existing AMS-IX account, you can keep on using my.ams-ix.

Our team will approach you when we’re ready to migrate your account to

5) I have another question. How can I contact AMS-IX about

If you are an existing customer, it is best you contact our service coordinators. Helena, Inga and Natalja will be happy to answer any question you might have.

If you are a new customer and want to know more about our offerings, you can contact our sales team.

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