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Cloud Services

Cloud Access

AMS-IX’s cloud access service allows you to connect directly to the networks of Microsoft (via Microsoft Azure Peering Service), Google (via Direct Peering) and Amazon Web Services (via AWS Direct Connect). This will greatly enhance the quality of your connection to the cloud.

How it works

Organisations all over the world more and more depend heavily on the applications and resources of public cloud providers. Cloud is a major driver for innovation and change and increasingly supports company critical processes. A reliable, low-latency, quality connection to your cloud providers is therefore of vital importance.

The AMS-IX Cloud Access service allows companies to connect directly to the networks of Microsoft, Google and Amazon Web Services. This will greatly enhance the quality of your connection to the cloud.

Cloud resellers, like Internet Service Providers and System Integrators, can use AMS-IX Cloud Access to enhance the service levels of their Microsoft, Google and Amazon public cloud offerings. Enterprises will benefit from reliable, resilient, low-latency cloud connections. And end users will have the best possible digital experience when using the cloud services of their choice.

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Cloud Services

Benefits of Cloud Access

Digital experience

Best possible digital experience for the Cloud provider of your choice

Direct Access to the cloud

A direct connection to the cloud network of your choice, making sure that internet traffic will follow the shortest possible route.

Multiple cloud services

Access one or more cloud services over your existing AMS-IX connection


Request a service at the volume you need


For cloud services within the Amsterdam metro area:

• From 1 Mbps to 1,000 Mbps: € 100 / month (flat rate)
• From 1,001 Mbps to 10 Gbps: € 200 / month (flat rate)

For any other region, the monthly price is based on the configuration of the chosen cloud service. To check the price, login to and select your desired cloud service and its parameters.

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