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9.195 Tb/s
12.587 Tb/s


Annual report

If you'd like to read AMS-IX latest annual report (2022), click here.

For older reports, please contact us.

Service Level Agreement

AMS-IX offers customers the option to extend their regular port service with a high-end professional Service Level Agreement (SLA). This service option covers the initial provisioning and daily availability of the port.

It is a carrier-grade SLA with service credits up to 100% of the monthly fees upon underperformance. The service option is built on AMS-IX' innovative platform architecture using photonic switches and a fully redundant MPLS/VPLS set-up.

Note: SLA is offered at all our PoPs in Amsterdam Metro.

AMS-IX SLA benefits

  1. AMS-IX’ contractual commitment when it comes to the availability and performance of the AMS-IX service provided (as opposed to normal best effort)
  2. Defined Service Levels and Quality for initial port delivery and changes
  3. Service credits (up to 100%) of port fees for underperformance

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