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8.918 Tb/s
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Annual report

If you'd like to read AMS-IX latest annual report (2022), click here.

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Service Level Agreement

AMS-IX offers customers the option to extend their regular port service with a high-end professional Service Level Agreement (SLA). This service option not only covers the initial provisioning and daily availability of the port, but also the levels of a set of key performance indicators.

It is a carrier-grade SLA with service credits up to 100% of the monthly fees upon underperformance. The service option is built on AMS-IX' innovative platform architecture using photonic switches and a fully redundant MPLS/VPLS set-up. A monitoring system has been put in place providing real-time platform statistics on Key Performance Indicators.

Note: SLA is offered at the 14 AMS-IX PoPs in Amsterdam Metro. SLA is not available at the PoPs in Curaçao, Rotterdam and Naaldwijk.

AMS-IX SLA benefits

  1. AMS-IX’ contractual commitment when it comes to the availability and performance of the AMS-IX service provided (as opposed to normal best effort)
  2. Priority phone number for reporting issues
  3. Defined Service Levels and Quality for initial port delivery and changes
  4. Defined Performance Service Levels and Service Quality for production ports
  5. Monthly report showing:
    - Performance measurement (delay, jitter and frame loss)
    - Outage summary
    - Service availability
    - Port usage
  6. Real-time online performance measurement for SLA designated ports
  7. Service credits (up to 100%) of port fees for underperformance

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