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4.596 Tb/s
10.176 Tb/s


AMS-IX prices are listed below.

Two Partner Promos

1/ Order now and get the customer links for free until end of 2021 2/ Order now and get a 1GE (1000Mbps) or a 10G (10000Mbps) links with a 40% MRC discount.

Internet Peering

PortMonthly price (excl. SLA)Monthly Price (incl. SLA)
Less than 1GE
N/A (via reseller only)N/A (via reseller only)
1GE€ 250€ 350
10GE€ 720€ 970
100GE€ 3,600€ 4,350

Linear volume price reductions for 100GE ports

# Ports
Total price for all 100GE ports (in EUR)*
Above 101,900 for every extra port

*These prices are offered against a minimum of 24 months commitment.


Additional information

- Membership fee - membership in AMS-IX Association is free of charge.

- VAT - all prices are excluding VAT.

- Invoice frequency - on a monthly basis in arrears (post-paid), or annual in advance. If you choose an annual payment - a 3% discount will be applied. Annual billing can start at the beginning of any month and will be extended automatically every year unless requested otherwise.

- Billing start date - billing starts as the date the port goes live (so-called "production date") with a maximum of 30 days after the date the demarcation details have been provided (so-called "assignment date").

- Payment terms - 30 days from the invoice date.

- Cross-connect fees - colocation or cross-connect fees are not included. These charges depend on where you would like to connect and are billed separately by the colocation.

Mobile Peering - Inter-IPX

PortMonthly price
2 x 1GE€ 1,150
2 x 10GE€ 2,420
2 x 100GE€ 11,100


Additional information

- Minimum requirement for Inter-IPX: 2 ports at different AMS-IX certified colocations.

Mobile Peering - GRX

PortMonthly price
GE€ 250

Private interconnect

  • Is your existing internet peering port in a qtagged mode?
    Then the private interconnect is free of charge and included in the port monthly charges.
  • Would you like to use a port dedicated to your private interconnect?
    Then the internet peering port monthly charges apply.

Closed user group

Tell us more about your requirements and we will provide you a quote.


EasyAccess would not be easy if we did not pre-negotiate the best price for you.

Speeds available: 100 Mbps, 200 Mbps, 500 Mbps, 1GE, 2GE, 5GE and 10GE.

Based on your chosen location, we can provide you with an all-in quote.

Cloud access

For cloud services within the Amsterdam metro area:

  • From 1 Mbps to 1,000 Mbps: € 100 / month (flat rate)
  • From 1,001 Mbps to 10 Gbps: € 200 / month (flat rate)

For any other region, the monthly price is based on the configuration of the chosen cloud service. To check the price, login to and select your desired cloud service and its parameters.

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