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The Future of the Digital Economy - Time for Fundamental Choices




March 12, 2020

On March 12 the report "The Future of the Digital Economy - Time for Fundamental Choices" was published on behalf of AMS-IX, the Dutch Data Center Association (DDA), DHPA, ISPConnect, SURF and with the cooperation of Rabobank. In this report, these parties make a number of recommendations for the Dutch government.

The Dutch digital infrastructure is an important engine for digitization, jobs and economic growth. In 2019, every €1 turnover generated no less than €15 in added value for the Dutch economy. The impact of the digital mainport on the Dutch economy amounts to a total of €460 billion, 60% of GDP and 3.3 million jobs.

These are the results from figures from The METISfiles and PB7, which examined the importance of the sector on behalf of above mentioned parties. The parties represent the digital foundation of networks, internet nodes, data centers, cloud and hosting parties.

> Download the full press release (in Dutch)

> Read the full report
(in Dutch)

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