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AMS-IX and Netnod Launch Cross-IX




March 12, 2024

On 12 March 2024 – AMS-IX and Netnod have today launched a new Cross-IX service, a groundbreaking service poised to redefine connectivity across key European peering hubs. As the first phase in this service, Netnod IX customers can now connect directly to the AMS-IX Amsterdam and exchange traffic with 860+ networks exchanging almost 12 Tbps of traffic.

As Cross-IX expands, customers at the participating Internet Exchanges will have access to hundreds of new unique networks. The goal of Cross-IX is to provide a simple solution to reach the major connectivity hubs in Europe without risk, delay or the need for CAPEX in hardware and colo.

Transportation expenses are encompassed within Cross-IX pricing, simplifying financial considerations. All connections can be managed via one single contract and can be provisioned on an existing (or new) port. The service is currently operational from Netnod IX Stockholm to AMS-IX Amsterdam, with plans underway for AMS-IX Amsterdam customers to access direct connections to Netnod IX Stockholm, where over 200 ASNs exchange more than 2 Tbps of traffic.

Learn more about Cross-IX here.

“The new Cross-IX service is a milestone for connectivity in Europe”, “As a one-stop shop for peering in Europe, Cross-IX will make it easy for customers to extend their reach. I am delighted to offer our customers even more value-added services and to strengthen our long-standing cooperation with AMS-IX.” - Karin Ahl, Netnod CEO

“We are delighted to be taking this important step towards a new level of connectivity together with our esteemed partner Netnod. With the Cross-IX service, customers of AMS-IX and customers of Netnod can easily extend their ecosystem of networks without risk, delay, hardware requirements or additional administrative burdens. This embodies our vision of a better and safer internet for a better society, within and across borders.” - Peter van Burgel, CEO of AMS-IX

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