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Driving Innovation in Internet Exchange Standards




February 13, 2024

In 2023, the IX-API initiative made significant progress and growth in advancing Internet exchange standards through significant collaborations and developments. Notable enhancements were made throughout the year in the specification, progress in open-source implementations, and increased interest from implementers. The IX-API initiative has been instrumental in advancing Internet exchange standards through significant developments and collaborations.

One major achievement in 2023 was the expansion of the specification to include layer 3 for the first time. This extension incorporates important routing functions and BGP configuration for Cloud services, marking a crucial moment in the standard's evolution. Additionally, a new specification for peers' statistics and capacity sharing was introduced. Notably, DE-CIX's proprietary extension for Cloud Router has been integrated into the core specification, showcasing the collaborative nature of the IX-API community.

Progress in Open Source Implementation and Deployment

IX-API has made significant strides in open-source initiatives:

A Terraform provider, now widely used in infrastructure management, has been developed with over 1000 downloads. This provider is accessible on the official Terraform Registry, making infrastructure management seamless.

The integration of IX-API into the Peering Manager, a popular tool, has been smoothly executed. A dedicated open-source IX-API client in Python, pyixapi, has been developed for Peering Manager, allowing users to manage peering services remotely. The recent release of Peering Manager v1.8 features this client, offering enhanced capabilities.

The implementation and release of the network statistics feature by LINX validate the practical impact of IX-API's standards, further solidifying its importance in the industry.

Ruben van den Brink, CTO of AMS-IX: “If you are considering to thoroughly automate your interconnectivity services or if you run an IX that wants to play a role in the future, software driven architecture of the digital landscape, then this is the time to dive into IX-API. Let 2024 be the big year of adoption! "

Marcos Sanz Grossón, Head of Global Software at DE-CIX: “The acceptance of DE-CIX’s proprietary extension into the core specification underscores the collaborative spirit of IX-API. These developments in 2023 reinforce the importance of adaptability and innovation in internet exchange standards. DE-CIX is proud to be part of this transformative journey, and we are committed to contributing further to the success of IX-API.”

Richard Petrie, CTO of LINX: “The implementation and release of the network statistics feature by LINX mark a tangible step forward for IX-API’s standards. It is gratifying to see theoretical advancements materialize into practical solutions. LINX remains dedicated to the collaborative spirit of IX-API, and we anticipate these developments will foster a more robust and efficient internet exchange ecosystem.”

Diverse Implementors and New Entrants

IX-API continues to nurture a diverse ecosystem, welcoming contributions from existing implementors and the addition of new players in the field. Alongside renowned implementations such as AMS-IX, DE-CIX, LINX, and Digital Realty, new entrants like JP-NAP and France-IX demonstrate a growing interest and recognition of the value that IX-API brings to the internet exchange landscape.

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