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Closed User Group

Closed User Group

A Closed User Group (CUG) is an interconnection environment for a specific group of parties that have a common interconnection requirement. Typically, one of these requirements is that interconnection is realised outside of the public Internet.

How it works

With the AMS-IX Closed User Group solution, you can exchange IP traffic with two or more other participants over a dedicated VLAN.

This way, you can create a private interconnection environment and directly connect with your suppliers or customers at different colocations.

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Closed User Group

Benefits of Closed User Group

Improved network performance

Access many networks directly at the exchange

High quality platform

Our innovative platform adheres to the highest technical standards

One or more VLANs

Establish one or more V-lans over your existing port


From drawing board to production: DCI implementations - the final link

Blog by Tim Vriend, Team Lead Engineering at AMS-IX. Back in 2015, AMS-IX tested a series of DWDM Equipment under the name of Data Centre Interconnect (DCI) from different vendors in an effort to optimise the Core network.


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