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4.87 Gb/s
27.78 Gb/s
Internet Peering

Internet Peering

AMS-IX Peering service enables you to interconnect with a multitude of networks directly. You will exchange internet traffic using only one connection and cross connect.

How it works

Welcome to our world! The world of computer networking which enables you and your business to be online 24/7. Through cables and fibres, across continents and oceans, all over the world, all the time. And all in the blink of an eye.

When you connect to our Internet Peering Virtual Local Area Network (VLAN), you become a part of AMS-IX, the world's leading Internet Exchange. With us, you can connect to local and international networks.

We host one of the largest public peering interconnection platforms where hundreds of parties exchange large amounts of IP traffic. Peering at our switching infrastructure network, operators can easily improve the performance of their internet network and achieve low-latency and cost-effective interconnection.

The Internet Peering service is used by Internet Service Providers (ISPs), carriers, content providers, enterprises and other parties that seek network optimisation.

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Internet Peering

Benefits of Internet Peering

Increased network redundancy

Traffic can be sent through many different routes

Reduced latency

Traffic takes the fastest routes

High quality platform

Our innovative platform adheres to the highest technical standards

Live monitoring

Monitor traffic live via our online customer portal

24/7 first-line technical support

Our NOC actively monitors the AMS-IX infrastructure 24x7

Reduced connectivity costs

Direct exchange of traffic with multiple networks through one single connection


Sorry, I have a date with Netflix

Watching Netflix series episode after episode deep into the night is a social phenomenon called “binge-watching”. Binge-watching is one of the many drivers behind the ever-increasing IP traffic growth.


Monthly prices

1GE - $1,000

10GE - $2,500

Let's talk about your peering needs.


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