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AMS-IX Board

AMS-IX Board members, as of December 2019:

Bart van der Sloot (chair)LeaseWeb
Eric Loos (treasurer)BICS
Michael OurabahBSO Network
Jan ThielemansArcadiz
Bernhard PuschTelstra

Management Team

AMS-IX Management Team:

Peter van Burgel

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Peter van Burgel is a passionate professional with more than 20 years of management experience at various ICT and telecom companies. Since 2018 he is CEO AMS-IX, one of the largest Internet exchanges in the world. Before joining AMS-IX, van Burgel worked as Director of Digital Transformation at Westcon. Peter is particularly interested in the topics Global & IT Business Transformation and Change Management.

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Ruben van den Brink

Chief Technology Officer (CTO)

Ruben proudly joined AMS-IX in 2021. With an academic degree in mathematics, he started his business career in media broadcast IT. He held several management positions at Technicolor and Ericsson, focussing on network and datacenter services. In 2016, Ruben decided to join the SURFnet executive management team, leading the network department. At SURFnet, the Dutch national research and education network, he was responsible for the development and automated deployment of SURFnet8, as well the innovation programme for network services. Ruben: “AMS-IX helped to define the internet and will continue to develop it in the future. I am proud to be working with a team that is so knowledgeable and passionate about connecting everybody and everything!"

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Iris Vonk

Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

Iris started her career in 1995 as an auditor at PricewaterhouseCoopers and subsequently held several senior financial management positions in the media and entertainment industry in the Netherlands and the UK. Prior to joining AMS-IX, Iris worked for 5 years as the CFO at Platform 161 B.V. Iris says: “AMS-IX operates in a rapidly changing environment and I look forward to work with a team of proud professionals and support them in delivering the company’s growth objectives.”

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Mike Baron

Chief Commercial Officer (CCO)

At CGI, Mike held several positions since 2004. Mike has a Technical Software Engineering and IT consultancy background which enables him to easily relate to both Information Technology and Technical Infrastructure topics. Mike held the position of Director Consulting Services at CGI Group Inc before joining AMS-IX. He says: “It’s an exciting time to work for AMS-IX. The worlds of Business, IT and connectivity are merging rapidly. I am excited to start and execute the commercial part of the long term strategy of AMS-IX.”

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AMS-IX People

We are a group of dedicated professionals with one common goal: be at the forefront of every innovation and market development to deliver the best interconnection services possible.


"It’s all about perception."

Steven, Gloria, Maxx, Eric, Mariya, Magdalena, Shanti and Milo

Network Operations

"Responsible for the network management and operation, as well as for the stability and evolution of all AMS-IX exchange points worldwide"

Konstantinos (manager), Stavros, Bart, Garry, Marianny, Michael, Rony, Dave, Leroy and Alexey


"Building and maintaining our physical infrastructure"

Tim (manager), Winston, Mohamed, Tom, Donny and Rudy

Software Development

"Automating AMS-IX: providing software support for projects and operations with elegant solutions for complex situations."


Systems Engineering

"Taking the pulse of the infrastructure systems."

Enrique and Miguel

Information Security

"Guarding Information Security on all fronts."


Technical Content Development

"Enhancing consistency and optimizing clarity throughout our technical documentation."


Products and Services

"Managing the product life cycle, Go-To-Market strategy and taking care of our most important asset: our customers."

Aleksandar (manager), Natalja, Helena and Inga


"Thinking together to create the next new idea"



"Sales is not about selling, but about building trust and educating the market."

Onno (manager), Noha, Dimitar and Emrah

Business Development

Nico, Jan, Wouter and Dimitar

Marketing & Communication

"Positioning and promoting AMS-IX both internally and externally to increase brand awareness and to support the companywide strategy."

Petra (manager), Bram, Henrica and Julia

Regulatory, Risk & Compliance

"Minimizing business risks through risk and compliance management, while maximising opportunities and innovation to fit regulations."


Human Resources

“We provide the organisation with the ability to meet business needs through managing the company’s most valuable resources, its employees.”

Mona (manager) and Chantal


"Providing financial support; supervising financial processes; purchasing all supplies."

Sophia (manager), Gino, Aleksandra and Mihaela


"Providing support and powering solutions that help our employees maintain and optimize the efficiency of our IT operations."

Rob (manager), Harald, Scott, Branda and Jelena


"Tools and insights to ensure operational excellence."

Luisa and Elisabetta


"Supporting people and building: MT Assistant, Front Office and Facilities, Catering."

Adrienne (manager), Mientje and Sieneke

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