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The place for digital transformations

An AMS-IX Story

Onno Bos

Onno Bos

Sales Director

Always connected

Internet has become an essential utility.

Just like water or electricity, it is expected to be available anywhere 24/7. Additionally, the quality of a utility has become equally crucial. Water needs to be purified, electricity needs to be at the right current and internet access needs to be fast, reliable and secure.

A disruption or failure of a utility is immediately noticed and can become a nuisance. For instance, imagine that the water and electricity supply are interrupted, the consequences can be detrimental.

The same applies for internet access. A short delay whilst conferencing, a hampering call, a failed transaction or a lagging payment has negative effects on you and/or your business.

Digital acceleration

New digital technologies like Cloud, IoT and Blockchain have profoundly impacted our landscape. Existing goods and services (e.g. physical retail stores embracing e-commerce channels, traditional banks moving towards online only and many more) are deeply intertwined with the newest digital technologies and these technologies are becoming business-critical.

These dependencies on digital technologies feed the demand for fast internet and seamless information integration of multiple business applications provided by different suppliers. This digital acceleration is not only driven by internal efficiency requirements, but also by external demand. Our customers and end-consumers expect the same low-latency and seamless integration between multiple devices, websites and apps.

Digital integration

The internal and external information streams come from different points and applications. They all take different paths and detours to a point where they converge. These small detours or illogical paths cause inefficiencies which accumulate and cause poor performance of business applications. Eventually, it could affect your service towards both internal and external stakeholders; or even worse: cause downtime and possible reputational damage.

From the edge to the core

AMS-IX is a central hub where hospitals, insurance companies, schools, governmental institutes and most importantly internet service providers converge. The AMS-IX platform plays a pivotal role at the core of the internet, by interconnecting networks and facilitating the secure and efficient movement of data between organisations, applications and businesses.

At AMS-IX, we work tirelessly 24/7 to optimise internet traffic streams behind the scenes; behind your internet service provider and behind your business applications.

In sum

1/ Multiple productivity tools are being used by departments for cooperation purposes at the same time: centralised databases are being used, video and teleconferencing calls are being conducted and equipment/ goods are purchased.

All these productivity tools rely on the various transport infrastructures to bring the information from databases, transport voice and video from the multiple applications to geographically dispersed departments.

All these productivity tools rely heavily on the underlying internet ecosystem to connect departments and applications with each other. Many companies unknowingly take an illogical detour to interconnect their applications, databases and offices.

4/ By taking a direct route between department, applications and databases, you can start streamlining your company network and boost your business performance.

5/ AMS-IX offers an efficient, secure and cost-effective solution to connect straight to the source. Join our interconnection platform; the ecosystem where all the applications, services and tools come together.

The place to be for digital acceleration

To accelerate your digital integration, you want to get as close as possible to the core of the internet. Joining AMS-IX brings you from the edge to the core, where you can get direct, secure and immediate access to multiple sources from one single point.

Boosting your business performance starts at the core of the internet. It starts at AMS-IX and it starts today.

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