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Joining AMS-IX Kolkata gives you the opportunity to connect to a multitude of networks and improve your network performance. Connecting to AMS-IX is easy, just choose the path that is right for you.

There are two simple ways to connect to AMS-IX Kolkata.

Are you located at one of our colocations?

Then you can connect to AMS-IX directly.

All you need to do to join us is:

  1. Contact Sify
  2. Order a cross connect from your router to the IX route

What happens once you have placed your order?

We will provision your port.

Ready to join us?

Get in touch with Sify. you can find their contact details here.

Are you located in another data centre in Kolkata?

No problem! We can handle the entire process for you or you can choose a third party transport provider to access AMS-IX.

1. Let AMS-IX Kolkata handle the entire process

  1. Contact Sify
  2. Order a cross connect to our equipment with your colocation provider
  3. Sign a transport order form
  4. We will provision a port from the connected data centre to the IX node
  5. We will install a cross connect to the IX router

2. Choose a third party transport provider

  1. Contact Sify
  2. Provide us with the third party rack details at Sify DLF and/or ST Telemedia Global data centre(s)
  3. We will install a cross connect between the provided rack and the IX router

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