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AMS-IX is involved in several cooperative projects/initiatives with external organisations, within or outside the peering industry. We highlight some of them here.


The Amsterdam Data Exchange (AMdEX) is an innovation field lab where parties collaborate to develop and test trusted, fair and scalable technologies to support the emergence of data markets in which its members can freely decide with whom to interact and under which conditions. We do this by researching, testing and deploying:

  • A neutral exchange infrastructure that provides and executes reliable data sharing archetypes.
  • That technology providers can integrate into their products to service data markets and data trusts.
  • Which is language-and operating system agnostic so users remain free to choose their IT infrastructure, development platform or programming model.
  • Which is not owned by a few parties, but operates as a public facility by all and for all.We give users control over their data by co-designing and co-developing a secure, trusted and neutral infrastructure for data sharing.

Amsterdam Economic Board, University of Amsterdam, Surf, Dexes and AMS-IX

AMdEX is co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund and the Province of Noord-Holland.

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IX Talks

Open discussions with active members of the IXP community, with whom we explore a wide range of topics related to Peering and the Internet at large. This podcast is brought to you by Euro-IX and AMS-IX.

For our inaugural episode, we had the pleasure to talk to Kyle Spencer, Executive Director of the Uganda Internet Exchange Point (UIXP). What does the Internet landscape look like in the region? How has the Exchange evolved over the years? How does he look at the future?

Episode #2
What is the IX API all about and what is the progress so far, and what is coming ahead? Bijal Sanghani (Managing Director of Euro-IX) was joined by Richard Petrie (CTO of LINX), Steven Bakker(Solutions Architect at AMS-IX) and Marcos Sanz (Head of Global Software at DE-CIX) to discuss this ambitious project, during the 2022 European Peering Forum (EPF) in Rome.

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2STiC (pronounced "to-stick") is a joint research program which stands for Security, Stability and Transparency in inter-network Communication. 2STiC's goal is to develop and evaluate mechanisms for increasing the security, stability and transparency of internet communications, for instance by experimenting with and contributing to emerging internet architectures, such as SCION, RINA, and NDN, as well as the existing (IP-based) Internet.

The 2STiC partners envisage that such new types of internet will complement and co-exist with the current Internet, serving specific types of application. The long-term objective of the program is to establish a centre of expertise in the field of trusted and resilient internets and help put the Dutch (and European) networking communities in a leading position in the field.

NLnet Labs, SIDN Labs, SURFnet, TU Delft, the University of Amsterdam, the University of Twente and AMS-IX

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