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Mobile Peering

Mobile Peering

Mobile Peering is an open interconnecting solution that allows mobile providers and others to securely peer their global roaming data. This way, they can offer their customers added value in a cost-effective way.

How it works

For many, the internet connection on your laptop is the same as the one you use for calling or streaming on your smartphone. Essentially, that is true. However, when you dial a number or start a stream on your smartphone, it might take a different route. Chances are that your call or stream goes over the AMS-IX Mobile Peering platform. Let's take a closer look at that.

The concept of peering is settlement-free exchange of internet traffic between networks. This also applies to Mobile Network Operators (MNO's) who handle the traffic of your smartphone. Above those is a third layer: the Internetwork Packet Exchange (IPX) providers, who want to work the same way.

Our Mobile Peering platform connects these IPX providers and their respective customers (MNO's) to each other, enabling them to exchange traffic with each other. The service level agreements connected to the ports they use will ensure the quality as well as compliance with the Global System for Mobile Communications Association (GSMA) requirements.


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Mobile Peering

Benefits of Mobile Peering

increased network redundancy

Traffic can be sent through many different routes

Reduced latency

Traffic takes the fastest routes

High quality platform

Our innovative platform adheres to the highest technical standards

Live monitoring

Monitor traffic live via our online customer portal

24/7 first-line technical support

Our NOC actively monitors the AMS-IX infrastructure 24x7


To roam or not to roam

It almost seems a lifetime ago when going on holiday in Europe also meant that you had to pray for decent Wi-Fi at your hotel as you disabled roaming on your smartphone in order to avoid a ‘bill shock’...


The monthly Inter-IPX port prices listed below are in USD (excl. VAT).

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FromN/Aper month
  • GRX service not available in AMS-IX Hong Kong
  • Only available in Amsterdam
From$350per month
  • Price incl. I-IPX SLA
  • Minimum requirement: 2 ports (redundant) at different AMS-IX certified colocations
I-IPX - 10GE
From$500per month
  • Price incl. I-IPX SLA
  • Minimum requirement: 2 ports (redundant) at different AMS-IX certified colocations

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