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Strategic partnership

AMS-IX India is a cooperation between AMS-IX and HGC.

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About HGC

HGC owns an extensive fibre-optic network in Hong Kong and provides world-class telecoms services based on innovative application of the latest technologies and a strong customer-centric service ethic. Coupled with its four cross-border routes integrated with three of mainland China's tier-one telecommunications operators and a world-class international network, HGC provides a comprehensive range of fixed-line telecommunications services locally and overseas. Our lines of business can be divided into four major categories: International and Carrier Business, Data Centre Business, Corporate Business and Residential Broadband Service. HGC meets the needs of commercial and public sectors at home and abroad, as well as Hong Kong households. We also provide wholesale services on a one-stop-shop basis to support mobile service operators, international carriers, multinational corporations, Internet content providers and application service providers in Hong Kong, the Americas, Europe, the Middle East and Africa, along with the rest of Asia. With world-class data centre facilities, connectivity capability, a sophisticated billing system and the provision of 24x7 technical and hotline support service, HGC is well positioned to capture new cloud computing opportunities and provide leading-edge cloud services and enterprise solutions.

AMS-IX partners

Qualified third parties that offer the AMS-IX Hong Kong service remotely.

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AMS-IX partner program

You can connect to AMS-IX Hong Kong remotely via any of our trusted partners. Our Partner Program allows third parties to resell AMS-IX ports anywhere where they have infrastructure connected to one of our colocation in Hong Kong.


One-stop shopOur partner takes care of the IP transport, AMS-IX peering port, contractual obligations from order to billing and first line customer care support.
Cost efficiencyNo investment in equipment or PoP in one of our colocations necessary.
FlexibilityLower port capacities available (from 100 Mbps to 100 GE).

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