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Increase in DDoS-attacks on small ISPs


Bram Semeijn

Bram Semeijn

PR Specialist

October 6, 2021

NBIP (Dutch National Internet Providers Management Organisation), an AMS-IX member who hosts the National Scrubbing Center against DDoS attacks (NaWas), reports that an increasing number of ISPs fall victim of DDoS attacks and receive extortion emails. AMS-IX works together with NaWas to mitigate DDOS threats and secure the networks of its members.

DDoS-attacks are more common than ever before. In the first half year of 2021, NaWas reported the same number of attacks as over the whole of 2020. Moreover, attacks become more intense. The fiercest attack was 300 GBps (in 2020 this was still 200 GBps). The number of new NaWas members and help questions rose with 12% in the first half year of 2021.

“In the third quarter of this year we saw a wave of attacks on small Internet Service Providers (ISPs) with limited DDoS mitigation capabilities. The NaWas had a busy time connecting and supporting all these new companies. We’re happy to say that mitigation in almost all of the cases was a success and attacks were repelled,” says Frank Dupker, European Network Manager at NaWas.

Working with partners is essential when you are mitigating DDoS-attacks. “Nawas has a strong partnership with the AMS-IX team. By quickly activating and provisioning ports, they enable customers to connect to our private VLAN and protect themselves against DDoS-attacks. We managed to help a lot of companies in this manner,” says Dupker.

It is better to be prepared than to wait till you’re under the pressure of an attack. Like AMS-IX, the NaWas is non-profit and works with and for the community.

Did you know?

NaWas is one of the Anti-DDoS solutions we offer at AMS-IX? If you need help to protect your internet infrastructure from threats and service disruption, get in touch with us.

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