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EasyAccess: bringing connectivity closer to customers in the Netherlands


Aleksandar Mitrov

Aleksandar Mitrov

Head of Product

April 11, 2018

With this newly launched service, AMS-IX continues to extend its reach in the Netherlands with an additional 25+ Data Centres. A single connection and contract allows customers to exchange traffic at AMS-IX Amsterdam with 800+ networks.

EasyAccess bundles IP transport and the AMS-IX peering port into one pre-negotiated, cost-efficient and robust package. This service offers you the best of both worlds: a cost-effective connection to the world's leading Internet Exchange combined with the transport through a trusted third-party carrier network. On top of that, you only have to manage one contract and you get a dedicated AMS-IX contact person.

“The goal of our EasyAccess service is to remove barriers to connect to AMS-IX. Create simplicity in a bundled customer services offer, peering & transport.” comments Jesse Robbers, CCO of AMS-IX.


- One-stop-shop at AMS-IX with multiple trusted third-party carrier networks
- Flexible port1 capacity available with adjustable speeds: 100Mbps, 200Mbps, 500Mbps, 1GE, 2GE, 5GE and 10GE
- Secure IP transport with high availability and robust connection due to redundant transport
- Cost-effective and no investment in physical equipment needed
- Offered by neutral, non-for-profit, member-based organisation

Cost structure

We use multiple third-party carriers networks and we have pre-negotiated the best price for you.

EasyAccess enabled Data Centres

Currently, the AMS-IX EasyAccess service is enabled for 25+ Data Centres in the Netherlands.

1 Virtual CrossConnect Circuit (VXC)

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