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Make Your footprint truly global

We are thinking of expanding our Mobile Peering service to new locations such as Singapore, the Bay Area and Chicago.

Your pains

  • You spend extra time, money and effort managing multiple connections to other IPX/GRX networks around the globe.
  • You do not benefit from global mobile roaming data exchange via slower and longer routes.

Your gains

  • The upcoming availability of a commercial, technological and geographical alternative Mobile Peering service offering within Singapore and the U.S.
  • A one-stop shop for mobile roaming data exchange in multiple locations around the globe, such as Amsterdam, Singapore, the Bay Area and Chicago.
  • SLA of 99,997%.

Our solution

Besides Amsterdam, the upgraded Mobile Peering service offering with improved SLA from the carrier and datacenter-neutral provider will soon allow you to connect in Singapore and the U.S., and exchange global mobile roaming data with multiple IPX/GRX networks.

How it works for you

Global Mobile Roaming Data Exchange

How it works for you

A Global Mobile Roaming Data Exchange

Value proposition

  • Mobile Peering by AMS-IX Innovation Lab.
  • The world’s most valuable resource is no longer oil, it is Data.
  • Get connected to the upgraded AMS-IX Mobile Peering platform in Singapore, the Bay Area and Chicago to exchange global mobile roaming data.

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