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Get started

Get started

Joining AMS-IX gives you the opportunity to connect to a multitude of networks and improve your network performance.

Connecting to AMS-IX is easy, just choose the path that is right for you.

Are you located at one of our colocations?

Then you can connect to AMS-IX directly.

All you need to do to join us is:

  1. Own an ASN. If you don't have an ASN, you can request one at your Local or Regional Internet Registry: RIPE-NCC, APNIC, LACNIC, ARIN.
  2. Fill in your application form.
  3. Once your application form is submitted, log in to our user portal and order a connection under the ‘Connections’ tab.

Are you not located at our colocation?

No problem! You can connect to AMS-IX remotely via our partner UTS.

About UTS

Contact United Telecommunication Services (UTS) directly and they will arrange a connection for you.

For more info about UTS and our partner program, visit our partner page.

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