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Where to connect

You can connect to AMS-IX directly at our colocations or remotely via one of our partners. Check the list below to find your nearest location. Should none of the options be suitable for you, please contact us. We will be happy to help you figure out the best way to get connected.

AMS-IX locations

You can connect to AMS-IX directly at one of the 4 data centers where we have presence:

Data CentreAddress
1CoreSite SV155 S Market St #104, San Jose, CA
2Digital Realty365 Main Street, San Francisco, CA
3Hurricane Electric Fremont 248233 Warm Springs Blvd, Fremont, CA
4Digital Realty/ Telx SFR1200 Paul Avenue, San Francisco, CA

Other locations

You can also connect to AMS-IX Bay Area remotely via one of our partners. Connect to us from any Megaport-enabled location or connect via PacketFabric and reach us from any of the 130+ PacketFabric locations.

Megaport locations

Data CentreAddress
1Equinix SV111 Great Oaks Boulevard, San Jose, CA
2Digital Realty SCL22820 Northwestern Pkwy, Santa Clara, CA
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