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First 11 members onboard AMS-IX Bangkok




November 16, 2023

We are delighted to announce a significant milestone in collaboration with HGC Global Communications Limited (HGC). Since the full implementation of AMS-IX Bangkok in May this year, we are pleased to welcome 11 inaugural members to our thriving ecosystem.

These new members represent a diverse array of companies, including hyperscale entities, CDNs, OTT providers, Internet service providers, cloud service providers, colocation providers, and software vendors, operating on both an international and local scale. Leveraging the neutral and versatile interconnection platform of AMS-IX Bangkok, these connected entities can meet their escalating demands for top-tier connectivity, enhanced redundancy, reduced latency, and more cost-effective operations.

Bangkok stands as a pivotal international hub for Internet traffic exchange, serving as a gateway to the Greater Mekong Subregion (GMS). AMS-IX Bangkok plays a pivotal role in fostering the growth of the Internet in the region by facilitating efficient traffic localization, expediting enterprise digitization, and providing community support in the GMS.

Chirawat Mahawat, Vice President Greater Mekong Subregion of HGC, expressed gratitude to the initial members, stating, “We would like to express our deep gratitude to these initial members for their continued support and trust in AMS-IX Bangkok as their interconnection platform in GMS. We believe that this neutral platform will help promote efficient bi-lateral and public peering.” Furthermore, Mahawat revealed plans for AMS-IX Bangkok access points to be available through seven major data centers via the DC platform in Bangkok by early 2024, anticipating a further strengthening and enhancement of the Internet Exchange Point community in the region.

Onno Bos, International Partnership Director of AMS-IX, remarked on Bangkok's rapid evolution into an international Internet hub, saying, "Bangkok is quickly developing into an international Internet hub, and the growth of the platform reflects this. With utmost gratitude, I express my heartfelt appreciation to welcome all our new peers at the platform in Bangkok."

Pichit Satapattayanont, Chief Executive Officer of IGC, emphasized the alignment of the peering platform with the digital ecosystem's growth in the region, stating, "The peering platform matches with the digital eco-system growth in the region and encourages content exchange locally. IGC, as a local infrastructure partner, is proud to participate in this - to build Bangkok as a vital digital hub."

From Left to Right: Pichit Satapattayanont, Chief Executive Officer of IGC; Onno Bos, International Partnership Director of AMS-IX; Chirawat Mahawat, Vice President Greater Mekong Subregion of HGC

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