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AMS-IX and irix are building a new Internet Exchange in Kuching, Sarawak


Onno Bos

Onno Bos

Sales Director

August 4, 2022

Tuesday, AMS-IX partner PP Telecom launched irix, the new corporate brand identity of PP Telecom that underlines their commitment to linking Sarawak to the world. Together with AMS-IX they are currently developing a new ‘Powered by AMS-IX’ Internet Exchange that will function as connectivity enabler for the whole of Borneo.

irix was launched during a press conference event in the Borneo Convention Centre Kuching (BCCK). “The world we live in today is virtually borderless”, said Dr. Jonathan Smith, CEO of irix during the event. “The metaverse of technology, artificial intelligence, and virtual reality; that was once talked about as fantasy is now reality. irix will play a big role in helping Sarawakians, and Borneo keep in step with the world.”

irix will offer multiple services, including submarine and terrestrial cable networks, a Tier IV data centre in Kuching, a new internet exchange (IX), and several services including IP Transit, Dedicated Internet Access and International Private Line Circuits. With AMS-IX they are currently building an Internet Exchange that is aimed at lowering peering costs and making the Internet cheaper for the region. The new Internet Exchange is set to go live after the summer months.

The new irix “powered by AMS-IX” Internet Exchange will serve as a neutral connectivity hub for large Content Delivery Networks, Application Providers, ISPs and Carriers who want to enhance the digital experience of internet users in the region. Kuching is well positioned to become a connectivity hub, as the city is strategically located in Southeast Asia near the densely populated areas of China and Indonesia. Submarine cables offer direct routes to Singapore and there is currently a submarine cable being deployed that facilitates a direct connection to Hong Kong as well. Moreover, Kuching forms the shortest route between East and West Indonesia.

The new Internet Exchange in Kuching will be based on IX-as-a-Service (IXaaS), a solution that supports organisations like irix in their efforts to set up and run Internet Exchange services. The solution consists of pre-patched hardware equipment, software and wiring, scaled to the client’s needs, which is shipped to the destination where it can be set up by local engineers. After installment, AMS-IX NOC handles operational management of the exchange (in conjunction with local engineers for tech support).

Peter van Burgel, CEO of one of the largest Internet Exchanges in the world and partner of irix said: “We would like to congratulate PP Telecom with their new corporate brand identity irix. You are really embarking on a great adventure developing the Sarawak region into a vibrant communication hub and putting Kuching on the map as the digital gateway to Borneo. We are proud to be your partner and be part of that journey.”

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