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Lancom and AMS-IX Partner to Expand Network Connectivity in Greece




April 9, 2024

AMS-IX is pleased to welcome Lancom, a leading provider of telecommunications and data center solutions in Greece, as a new reselling partner. This collaboration aims to enhance network connectivity across Greece and improve internet infrastructure.

Lancom's customers now have seamless access to the AMS-IX network from their proprietary data centers, including Balkan Gate Thessaloniki and the upcoming Balkan Gate in Heraklion, Crete. Additionally, Lancom's PoPs in third-party data centers throughout Greece are interconnected with AMS-IX.

The partnership extends to central Europe, with connectivity points in Telepoint Sofia, Equinix FR5 Frankfurt, MIX Milan, and Cineca Caesar Rome. This expanded reach offers Lancom customers enhanced network connectivity and access to global internet traffic. Interconnection to AMS-IX is powered by advanced multi 100-Gigabit DWDM technology, ensuring high-performance connectivity and low latency for Lancom customers accessing the AMS-IX network.

As the first Greek company to establish a remote peering partnership with AMS-IX, Lancom is committed to providing its customers with superior peering options and network performance. The partnership between Lancom and AMS-IX will redefine network connectivity standards in Greece, delivering enhanced connectivity, improved performance, and a seamless internet experience for customers.

"We are thrilled to join forces with the legendary AMS-IX. Boasting a massive number of more than 870 networks and reaching an unprecedented traffic peak of 12 Terabit per second (Tbps), AMS-IX is the right strategic partner to further strengthen our network capabilities and provide never-seen-before connectivity and peering services to our customers," said George Nolis CEO at Lancom.

"This partnership not only expands our reach but also reinforces our lifelong commitment to delivering pioneering and innovative solutions to meet the evolving needs of our customers."

Charles Karsten, Director of Sales and Business Development at AMS-IX, says: “We are pleased to welcome entrepreneurial Lancom as a new reselling partner of AMS-IX. Through our partnership, we can further extend our peering network coverage, while serving more customers in Greece and the Central European region and enabling them to expand their network ecosystem by connecting to our platform.”

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