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DINL and DDA urge for active government role in the landing of subsea cables




May 15, 2020

The Netherlands is one of the biggest digital hubs in Europe and has a digital infrastructure that is among the best in the world. However, the leading position of the Dutch digital infrastructure is not something to be taken for granted. In an open letter to Dutch Secretary of State Mona Keijzer, the DDA (Dutch Datacenter Association) and the DINL (Digitale Infrastructuur Nederland, an organisation of which AMS-IX is a member) urge the government to actively support the landing of internet sea cables on Dutch soil.

Subsea internet cables are the mayor arteries of the world wide web. The landing points of these cables play an important role for digital companies to take a foothold. Currently, there are a lot of subsea cable projects, but there is little involvement of telecom companies or the Dutch government to land these new subsea cables at the Dutch coast. Other countries and big tech organisations take a more active role. As a result, there is a threat that sea cables will land on other spots and digital hubs will shift towards new places.


> Read the (Dutch) press release

> Read the letter to the Secretary of State (in Dutch)

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