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52nd General Meeting




December 13, 2019

The end of the year is always the time for our general meeting. Interested members can catch up and give feedback on projects and activities of AMS-IX, the short-term plans and goals of AMS-IX and the long-term strategy going forward into 2020.

After a short opening word of board chairman Bart van der Sloot (Leaseweb), AMS-IX CEO Peter van Burgel presented the results of the AMS-IX projects in 2019 and the focus and plans for 2020. AMS-IX looks at the future with confidence. The long-term strategy for innovation, optimization and growth still remains unchanged. Furthermore AMS-IX has a strategy in place focusing on value added services and new markets.

Senior Director Sales and Marketing Mike Baron presented the commercial outlook and the innovation plans. In 2019, AMS-IX launched IX-as-a-Service (IXaaS) and the first results are very promising. In the third session, Iris Vonk (AMS-IX CFO) presented the financial outlook for 2020 and budgeting for future projects.

Our general meeting is also the moment where the members vote on different items. We are happy to inform that the AMS-IX board is strongly supported, and all voting items were approved. The next General Meeting will be held during our MORE-IP event, on May 27 and 28, 2020. The minutes of the meeting can be viewed by AMS-IX members via My-AMS-IX.

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