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KevlinX partners with AMS-IX to deploy Internet Exchange in Brussels, Belgium


Bram Semeijn

Bram Semeijn

PR Specialist

September 30, 2020

KevlinX, provider of high-performance, sustainable data center solutions, is partnering with AMS-IX, the world’s leading Internet Exchange, to build an Internet Exchange at its Data Center Campus in Brussels. KevlinX customers will be able to peer and interconnect through AMS-IX, making the KevlinX campus in Brussels a key interconnection hub in the Benelux.

KevlinX is committed to providing cost effective, environmentally sustainable and energy efficient large scale data centers powered by renewable energy for its customers enabling them to meet and exceed their corporate sustainability goals while providing the best connectivity solutions. Kevlinx’ Brussels Data Center campus will be ready for service end Q4 2021.

Barro Luitjes, CEO at KevlinX, commented “KevlinX is focused on enabling the primary advantages of direct interconnection, reduced cost, latency, and greater bandwidth, for our cloud, enterprise and public sector customers. This exciting partnership with AMS-IX, at our large scale Data Center Campus in Brussels, will deliver the best possible peering and interconnection for our customers in Belgium and as we continue to expand into the other key growth markets in Europe.”

The new Internet Exchange in Brussels will enable cloud, enterprise and public sector customers of KevlinX in the Brussels metro to benefit from the best possible connectivity. Peter van Burgel, CEO at AMS-IX, says “The Brussels metro region houses a large number of enterprises who can benefit from good connectivity. The partnership with KevlinX will enable them to make use of the cost effective, high quality peering and interconnection services of AMS-IX.”

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