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Irix launches the first Internet Exchange (IX) in Sarawak


Onno Bos

Onno Bos

Sales Director

October 11, 2023

Irix, the pioneering telecommunications company in Sarawak, is proud to announce the launch of "irix” Internet Exchange, the very first Internet Exchange (IX) in Sarawak. The new Internet Exchange is built and operated by AMS-IX.

The launch of the new “irix’ Internet Exchange is part of a larger strategy to establish Sarawak as the alternative regional Internet hub for Southeast Asia. In 2022, irix launched the Batam – Sarawak Internet Cable system (BaSICS), a subsea cable which connects the regional Internet hub in Singapore, and “irix DC”, Malaysia’s only Tier-IV certified Data Centre in Sarawak. Now with the launch of its very own IX platform, irix is now further enhancing digital connectivity and improving the internet experience for Sarawak's businesses, communities, government, and individuals.

Dr Jonathan Smith CEO of irix says, "We are thrilled to introduce “irix”, the first Internet Exchange in Sarawak, powered by the world-renowned AMS-IX. This launch heralds a transformative moment for Sarawak's digital landscape. We're driven by a mission to empower businesses, service providers, and communities with reliable high-speed internet connectivity, paving the way for limitless innovation and growth. As the first Internet Exchange in Sarawak, we are committed to being the cornerstone of the region's digital future."

"With cutting-edge infrastructure, including colocation with a Tier-IV Data Centre, subsea cable connectivity to Singapore, and terrestrial connectivity to Borneo, irix opens new opportunities for collaboration, reducing latency, and accelerating economic development. We invite you to join us in this journey towards a brighter, more connected future for Sarawak," Smith concluded.

Peter van Burgel, CEO of AMS-IX adds: “We are thrilled to work with irix and bring fruit to their vision of Sarawak as a digital gateway for the region. AMS-IX is committed to building a better Internet for users all over the world and the partnership with irix is a great example of a new IX that will improve the Internet experience for the people of Sarawak and Borneo.”

About irix Sdn. Bhd.

irix is a Sarawak-based, international telecommunication infrastructure provider with the vision “to Establish Sarawak as the alternative regional hub in Southeast Asia”. It has constructed the Sarawak International Internet Gateway, comprising core components: Subsea Cables – BaSICS & SEA-H2X, Tier-IV Data Centre, Internet Exchange, and a Cross Border Terrestrial Fiber Network.

Established in 2008, it is a Network Facilities Provider (NFP), Network Service Provider (NSP) and Application Service Provider (ASP), fully licensed by the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC). And in line with the state government and the Sarawak Multimedia Authority’s objectives, it is committed to supporting the state’s digital economic strategy for the benefit of all Sarawakians, and embarked on an action plan to deliver three main objectives:

1) To build a world-class telecommunications infrastructure in Sarawak, in alignment with the Sarawak State Government’s Digital Economy Transformation initiatives, thereby bridging the digital divide between urban and rural communities.

2) To become the Regional Telecommunication Gateway for Borneo, leveraging on our partners and international networks.

3) To enhance the knowledge and skills of our employees through globally accredited training programmes and professional working culture, thereby ensuring a high-quality level of service to our customers, clients, and partners alike.

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