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Interconnect with AMS IX Eurasia

Blog: 7 reasons why networks from Eastern Europe and Eurasia should connect to AMS-IX


Emrah Yorulmaz

Emrah Yorulmaz

Regional Manager Eastern Europe, Russia and Eurasia

July 21, 2020

We live in turbulent and uncertain times, but you can be sure of one thing: your internet traffic is always growing. Society is becoming increasingly digital and new technologies always seem to generate more IP-traffic. Needless to say that every company that has significant IP-traffic is always on the lookout for better, cost-efficient ways to connect to the Internet. AMS-IX has a lot to offer in this regard. And especially internet companies in Eastern Europe and Eurasia have a lot to gain from connecting to our interconnection platform in Amsterdam. Here are seven reasons why:

1) Peering with 875+ connected networks

The number one reason for any company to connect to AMS-IX is our size. AMS-IX has more than 875 networks connected to our platform in Amsterdam with more than 8 Tb per second peak traffic. Connecting to AMS-IX enables you to exchange and offload traffic with all these networks. This increases internet quality for end-users in your region because of decreasing latency and packet loss.

2) Cost effective

Connecting to AMS-IX is a very cost-effective way to connect to the Internet. You connect to a lot of networks with just one connection to AMS-IX. Moreover, you can lower the IP transit costs significantly by making traffic routes more efficient and direct.

3) Enhancing redundancy of your network

Connecting to AMS-IX will make your network connections more redundant. Many networks only peer at a limited number of places and only connect to the closest IX’s. By connecting to AMS-IX as well, you will be ensured of a second highway for your traffic greatly boosting the resilience of your connections to the Internet.

4) Unique CDN's

AMS-IX is connected to all major American and Western European CDN’s. Connecting to AMS-IX brings this content closer to your end-users. Some networks even peer almost exclusively in Amsterdam. Please feel free to check our website and look for any networks that might be of interest for you.

5) A neutral interconnection platform

AMS-IX has carriers from all over the world connected to our hub in Amsterdam, which enables connected companies to have direct traffic routes to every continent. And it allows them to choose carriers based on their peering policies (open peering, selective or restrictive peering).

6) Connecting is easy

Connecting to AMS-IX is easy. You can connect to AMS-IX directly or remotely via our EasyAccess service or our resellers. There are over 700 locations in the world where you can connect to AMS-IX You can find your nearest location on our website here.

7) Highest technical standards

AMS-IX has always been at the forefront of technological developments and uses the highest technical standards. Pathways and power supplies are completely redundant throughout the platform. This makes connecting to AMS-IX also a very reliable way to connect to the internet.

If you have any questions for me, feel free to reach out!
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