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EPF Sofia

European Peering Forum (EPF)
Virtual Event

20 - 22 September

Event co-organised by AMS-IX

The primary goal for peering forums is to attract members and potential members of exchange points to an event where there are both educational sessions and opportunities to interact with other members" - Jay Adelson, Equinix, 2005. The above quote is taken from a meeting which took place in London in 2005 which included a number of Internet Exchanges. The purpose of this meeting was to discuss the coordination of peering forums. It signalled the birth of both the Global Peering Forum (GPF) and European Peering Forum (EPF). This quote summarises the main focus of the peering forums; to provide the peering community with a fruitful event that enables them to successfully establish new peers, and extend existing peering arrangements as well as sharing information and experience beneficial to the whole peering community.

The host IX's (AMS-IX, DE-CIX, LINX, and NETNOD, who joined in 2009) alternate organisation of the EPF annually. Organisation includes finding sponsors, speakers, topics, location, hotels, venues etc. The event's budget is solely the financial responsibility for the organising exchanges but is limited with the generous support of the event sponsors. The EPF has grown into an event that attracts over 350 people from the European peering community. Members of the respective IX's are specifically invited to participate, other peering networks are also welcome by request. In the spirit of Euro-IX and the European peering community, other European Internet Exchanges are also invited (one attendee per IX with a maximum of 15).

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