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Your access to AMS-IX should be as user-friendly and cost-effective as possible. Our EasyAccess service is a simple solution for you to connect remotely to our Amsterdam platform from 200+ locations in Europe. EasyAccess bundles IP transport and AMS-IX peering port into one cost efficient and robust package.

How it works

Would you like to connect to our Amsterdam platform? We make it easier than ever, whether your equipment is housed at one of our points of presence or not. Absolutely no worries for you about connection and transport!

EasyAccess is a one-stop-shop. We bundle the peering port with the transport into one competitive package: one price, one contract, one dedicated contact person. By using multiple third party carrier networks to transport your data to Amsterdam, redundancy is safeguarded.

With flexible speeds, starting from 100Mbps, it's even easier to connect. On top of that, you get exactly the same benefits as an AMS-IX connection: reducing your cost whilst improving the performance of your network, all over the secure direct lines of AMS-IX.

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Benefits of EasyAccess


EasyAccess would not be easy if we did not pre-negotiate the best price for you.

We use multiple third-party carriers. Based on your chosen location, we can provide you with an all-in quote.

Speeds available: 100 Mbps, 200 Mbps, 500 Mbps, 1GE, 2GE, 5GE and 10GE.


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