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Internet volume in Amsterdam doubles in four years’ time


Bram Semeijn

Bram Semeijn

PR Specialist

February 6, 2023

Internet traffic in Amsterdam continues to grow. The total volume of data exchanged at AMS-IX Amsterdam has risen to 29.39 EB in 2022. In 2018, Internet volume was still at 14.12 EB, which means the amount of data exchanged on the platform more than doubled in four years’ time.


For all facts and figures of 2022, download our infographic.

The highest peak traffic measured in Amsterdam in 2022 was clocked at 11.6 Terabit per second. In comparison: 11.6 Terabit per second is the same as the simultaneous streaming of over 6,2 million TikTok videos or 2,3 million HD videos in one second.

AMS-IX CEO Peter van Burgel comments:

“Internet growth at our Exchanges is a sign of the ever-growing use of digital services and devices in society in general and the importance of AMS-IX as a vital part of the digital gateway to Europe. Especially during the pandemic years, the Internet usage surged which resulted in significant growth on the platform.”

The number of connected networks at AMS-IX Amsterdam has grown to 889, with many of them (38%) being members of the AMS-IX association. Most connected networks still use 10GE ports to connect to the platform, but the number of 100 GE ports is rising quickly. In 2022 the number of active 100 GE ports rose 19% from 360 in 2021 to 428 in 2022.

With the increasing use of mobile data and the growth of mobile internet usage, the demand for AMS-IX unique Global Roaming Exchange services has grown significantly. The Global Roaming Exchange (GRX) is a platform that enables the exchange of global roaming data between networks. Global roaming data is generated by users who want to use mobile Internet in a foreign country. In 2022, the peak traffic on the GRX reached 312 Gbps, a 52% increase from the previous year.

AMS-IX is growing its footprint of Internet Exchanges outside the Netherlands as well. Last year, AMS-IX opened new Internet Exchanges in Singapore, Cairo, Kolkata and Hyderabad. Especially the exchange in Singapore looks to be developing quickly with 7 connected networks already. The exchanges in Manama (465 Gbps) and Hong Kong (88 Gbps) reached new traffic peaks in 2022.

The partner ecosystem continues to evolve, with new technologies and services being adopted and integrated into the exchange point, creating new opportunities for collaboration and innovation. AMS-IX currently has over 60 reselling partners which gives AMS-IX a footprint in 800 data centres in 64 countries.


For all facts and figures of 2022, download our infographic.

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