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New Peak traffic record in Amsterdam: 11 Tbps




October 17, 2022

AMS-IX has reached a new Internet record. Sunday 16th of October, around 8PM, a traffic peak of 11 Tbit per second was reached.

The new peak traffic is foremost a result of the growth of the platform in Amsterdam. Many networks upgraded their port capacity last months to facilitate the exchange of larger traffic volumes. Moreover, the new peak is also a result of seasonal factors that influence the behaviour of Internet users. Internet users spend more time indoors on the Internet during the cold autumn days and on Sundays, people tend to have more time on their hands to use Internet services.

AMS-IX was close to 11 Tbits for some time, as in January this year the Network Operation Center of AMS-IX already clocked the exchange on 10,95 Terabit per second. The good weather as well as the end of the strict COVID-lockdowns meant that Internet traffic growth remained at the same level. Internet use grows worldwide with about 20% on a yearly basis, with an exception in 2020 during the pandemic when the Internet usage grew worldwide by roughly 40%.

AMS-IX CEO Peter van Burgel:

“The digitalisation of our society continues, and this is reflected by the growth of our platform. I’d like to thank all the connected members and customers for their trust in our services. We are aware of our vital role in the functioning of the Internet.”

11 Terabit per second

11 Terabit per second accounts for astronomical amounts of data traffic. It corresponds to:

  • Simultaneous streaming of 2,200,000 HD (1080p) video’s
  • Simultaneous streaming 440,000 4k video’s
  • Close to 6 million simultaneous TikTok video streams
  • 55 million gamers who play Minecraft simultaneously (200 Kbit/s)

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