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2STiC: Security, stability and transparency of inter-network communications




October 11, 2019

We are happy to announce that AMS-IX is collaborating with NLnet Labs, SIDN Labs, SURFnet, TU Delft, the University of Amsterdam and the University of Twente in the joint research program called 2STiC (pronounced "to-stick"), which stands for Security, Stability and Transparency in inter-network Communication.

2STiC's goal is to develop and evaluate mechanisms for increasing the security, stability and transparency of internet communications, for instance by experimenting with and contributing to emerging internet architectures, such as SCION, RINA, and NDN, as well as the existing (IP-based) Internet. The 2STiC partners envisage that such new types of internet will complement and co-exist with the current Internet, serving specific types of application. The long-term objective of the program is to establish a centre of expertise in the field of trusted and resilient internets and help put the Dutch (and European) networking communities in a leading position in the field.

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