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Interxion goes live with IX-API




December 21, 2021

AMS-IX partner Interxion has added the IX peering service based on IX-API in their reseller portal. Interxion will now benefit from a fully automated service that will enable them to configure, change, order and cancel peering connections of their customers.

IX-API is an open community API, designed and developed by the three leading global Internet Exchanges (IXs): AMS-IX, DE-CIX, and LINX. The API provides an interface for provisioning of the key services at all three Exchanges. Interxion plays a key role in the project, as they are the first partner to implement and use the new API.

Ruben van de Brink, CTO of AMS-IX:

“IX-API is an important project for AMS-IX as it is an important steppingstone to enable our customers and partners to manage their networks with automated zero-touch provisioning. Interxion plays a vital role in this project as their feedback and experiences are key in making the API work. Having them successfully implement the new API is a big milestone.”

Eduardo Masini, Product Innovation Manager at Interxion, A Digital Realty Company:

“Having a standard API is key to facilitate to businesses in their digital transformation journeys with huge benefits. Now, with the integration of the IX-API into Interxion’s IX Peering platform, AMS-IX can be reached from all our campuses, either locally or remotely. It allows the deployment of services in just minutes, through an on-demand and fully automated ordering process.”

IX-API is available for resellers only at the moment. In November there was a feedback session in which a few of the largest Internet companies of the world participated and where new API utilisations and features were discussed. New updates on the API are expected beginning next year.


More information on the project can be found on the IX-API website.

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