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Private Interconnect

Private Interconnect

A secure and cost-effective solution to interconnect directly with your peers, customers, suppliers or business partners.

How it works

A Private Interconnect enables direct traffic exchange between two networks over a dedicated VLAN on our platform. You can connect directly with other networks whether you are located within the same data centre or not. Connecting with our Private Interconnect Solution allows you to save costs as you will not have to pay for any additional cross-connects or metro connections.

You can either choose to implement your Private Interconnect on a dedicated physical port or on your existing AMS-IX port (which can also be used for multiple other services). The best part is that you can provision multiple Private Interconnects on one single physical AMS-IX port.

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Private Interconnect

Benefits of Private Interconnect

Improved network performance

Access many networks directly at the exchange

High quality platform

Our innovative platform adheres to the highest technical standards

One or more V-lans

Establish one or more V-lans over your existing port


Fast, reliable and global connectivity in Europe

Case-study with Softlayer, a hosting company connected to AMS-IX Amsterdam since 2011.


The Private Interconnect is free of charge and included in your monthly port fees.


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