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Manama-IX now offers Private Network Interconnects


Noha Cok

Noha Cok

Regional Director MENA

July 27, 2022

AMS-IX has upgraded the platform of Manama-IX in Bahrain. The new upgrade has enabled Manama-IX to extend their service portfolio and now also offer Private Network Interconnects for their customers.

Private Network Interconnects (PNIs) are direct private point-to-point connections between networks, allowing them to exchange traffic separate from the public Internet. Customers choose for a PNI when they have allocated specific services or requirements to these connections. Moreover, the private nature of the connections can offer an extra layer of security.

With more than 400GE of peak traffic and twenty connected networks, Manama-IX is a leading Internet Exchange in the Middle East region and a hub for Internet traffic. The exchange was launched by Batelco in 2019 with the help of AMS-IX, offering public peering for Internet customers in the Global Zone region. Since the launch, AMS-IX and Batelco have worked to extend the service offerings of the exchange.

Senior product manager of Manama-IX Taha Hussain says: “There is a lot of interest in PNIs so this new service is an extra added value for our customers. We have the vision to create and deliver even more services for our customers peering at Manama-IX in the future, so that the exchange is not only a hub for Internet traffic, but a hub for Internet services as well.”

The new PNI service is enabled as of today. Customers interested in a PNI can contact Manama-IX here. or use the contact form below to get in contact with the AMS-IX sales team.

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