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Free transport and free port for AMS-IX Hong Kong


Onno Bos

Onno Bos

Sales Director

June 17, 2020

The Asian market is growing very fast, making it ever more important for our customers and members to have good connectivity with Asia. To support our community in this regard, AMS-IX has a new offer for AMS-IX Amsterdam customers and members who want to make use of our exchange in Hong Kong.

Starting from June 2020, all customers and members connected to our exchange in Amsterdam can connect to AMS-IX Hong Kong over their existing port in Amsterdam by activating a V-Link to our partner HGC. Furthermore, as a special offer, anyone using this option will have the transport between Amsterdam and Hong Kong and a 100Mbps connection in AMS-IX Hong Kong free of charge for 12 months.

Connecting to AMS-IX Hong Kong will give you direct access to local ISPs, CDNs, carriers and cloud providers, which will significantly enhance the quality of the digital experience of their end-users. This special offer is ideal for any organisation who wants to test the impact of a direct bridge to Asia.

And even more good news, this promotion also works the other way around. If you are connected to AMS-IX Hong Kong and want to enhance your connectivity in Europe, you can get free transport and a 100 Mbps connection in Amsterdam for a whole year as well.

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