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Who we are

At AMS-IX, we believe in the power of collaboration and innovation. We have been operating at the core of the Internet successfully for nearly 25 years. Today, we continue to leverage these strengths to stay at the forefront of changes within the Interconnection market.

We are a non-profit, member-based association operating six independent Internet Exchanges around the world: in Amsterdam, Bay Area, Caribbean, Chicago, Hong Kong and Mumbai. With our innovative platforms, cutting-edge technology and dedicated engineers, we deliver high quality interconnection services to a wide range of businesses worldwide. These include internet service providers, mobile operators, content providers, hosting and cloud providers, TV broadcasters, gaming companies and financial enterprises. Together, we form a strong ecosystem allowing internet end-users to enjoy fast, stable, and cost-effective online experiences.


Do you want to connect to the AMS-IX and become a member of the AMS-IX Association? This is possible for all parties except the ones that join through a reseller: they cannot become a member of the Association.

No matter whether you are a customer or a member, you receive the same services and have the same benefits. The technical requirements and terms and conditions are the same.

What does the membership bring?

During the AMS-IX General Meeting a number of items are presented to and discussed with the members, such as the Annual Accounts, the Long Term Commercial Strategy, business and technical updates and operational reviews as well as the elections of the Board.

Are you willing to actively participate in discussions on and exert influence regarding the above topics? Then a membership of the Association is advisable.

Do you see AMS-IX primarily as a service provider? Then being a customer is more straightforward.

Our story

AMS-IX stands for Amsterdam Internet Exchange. Amsterdam is where it all started, over 20 years ago. Since then, we grew to global leadership, expanding our footprint and service offerings to other locations worldwide. Even though we operate internationally today, we'll never forget where we come from: AMS-IX is our birth name and we wear it with pride.

1994First layer-2 shared infrastructure is formed between academic organisations to exchange traffic in the Amsterdam Science Park
199720 connected Internet Service Providers and carriers found the AMS-IX association
1998Implementation of Multicast VLAN and first IPv6 tests
2004First Internet Exchange to deploy photonic switches
2009Migration of the Amsterdam platform to a MPLS/VPLS topology, to increase stability and scalabilityIntroduction of our customer portal My-AMS-IX
2012Opening of AMS-IX Hong Kong, in collaboration with HGC
2013CAR-IX becomes AMS-IX Caribbean
2014Opening of AMS-IX Bay Area and AMS-IX Chicago
2016Peak internet traffic at AMS-IX Amsterdam: 5 Tb/s
2017Opening of AMS-IX India, in collaboration with Sify

What is an Internet Exchange

AMS-IX is a member of the European Internet Exchange Association (Euro-IX). If you'd like to know more about peering and the role of internet exchanges, watch this short video.

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