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Ams ix 3 new heads

AMS-IX appoints three new heads for the technical department




September 18, 2023

Today, AMS-IX has kicked off the reorganisation of the technical team to increase the efficiency of its operation and increase the development capabilities of the company. In addition, the company has appointed three new managers to lead separate parts of the organisation. All three managers started at AMS-IX as of 1 September.

From left to right: Rakesh Bachoe (Head of Design), Keith Croxford (Head of Operations) and Sacha van Tienhoven (Head of Development)

Sacha van Tienhoven will be the new Head of Development. She will manage all of AMS-IX development projects. Among other positions, Sacha was a technology director for the group company Learning Technologies Group and completed several technical assignments for PeopleFluent, NetDimensions, and LEO Learning. In her new role, she will be responsible for the development, planning and prioritisation of new features, products, and services at AMS-IX.

Keith Croxford will be the new Head of Operations. He will manage the team that takes care of the daily maintenance and management of the various AMS-IX interconnection platforms. Keith has experience as an engineering manager at MessageBird and Self Esteem Brands and will use his insights to implement various optimisations throughout the department.

Rakesh Bachoe has been appointed as the Head of Design, leading a specialised team of architects. This team's focus on shaping the company's blueprint and future architecture will be a key element in accelerating the current strategy of AMS-IX. With a history as Manager at KPN, where he led digital transformations and implemented innovative solutions, Rakesh brings extensive experience to his new role.

Ruben van den Brink, CTO of AMS-IX

“I’m very pleased to have Sacha, Keith and Rakesh onboard as we’re now able to accelerate the AMS-IX long term strategy. Watch out folks! Coming months our efficiency and development capabilities will shift gears!”

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