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New 10 Tbit/s peak traffic record for AMS-IX




April 8, 2021

AMS-IX has reached a new traffic milestone. Yesterday evening around 22:00 PM AMS-IX measured a traffic peak of 10,012 Terabit per second.

Internet traffic is surging for some time now due to the pandemic. Governments all over the world are taking lockdown measures restricting people’s movements and forcing them to work from home and spend their evenings indoors. In March and November last year, AMS-IX reached the milestones of 8 and 9 Terabit per second. The curfew and the bad weather in the Netherlands have led to this new traffic peak of 10 Terabit per second. Many connected networks have upgraded their port capacity to handle extra traffic volume.

AMS-IX CEO Peter van Burgel says:

“The pandemic has resulted in Internet growth that makes us go back to the end of the 90s. Last year Internet volume exchanged over AMS-IX grew over 35% and we see the same pattern for this year. We live in uncertain times, but you can be sure that Internet traffic keeps on growing.”

AMS-IX is well capable of handling the traffic growth and is even able to handle traffic volume if it was the double over night. Moreover, AMS-IX invested in the capacity of the platform and added more 100G-ports. The platform currently has a port-capacity that enables 42 Terabit per second. Over 885 networks are connected to the Amsterdam interconnection hub, 75% of them are of European origin.

10 Terabit per second accounts for astronomical amounts of data traffic. It corresponds to:

  • Simultaneous streaming of 2,000,000 HD (1080p) video’s
  • Simultaneous streaming 400,000 4k video’s
  • The transmission of a little less than 245 million of typed A4 pages (in one second)
  • The transmission of more than 215.000 volumes of “The Complete Works of William Shakespeare” (in one second)
  • The simultaneous streaming of 250 billion typists who can type 300 characters (5 B) a minute

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