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Increasing demand for 100GE ports and record GRX peak traffic


Jie-Heda Chin

Jie-Heda Chin

PR specialist

February 26, 2018

2017 was an eventful year for AMS-IX. We expanded our footprint in the Amsterdam Metro area by adding two new POP’s. Internationally, we expanded to India by launching an Internet Exchange in Mumbai. With this latest addition, AMS-IX is now running seven Internet Exchanges around the world, connecting over 900 networks with a total port capacity of 27.7 Tbps.

With a peak traffic of 5.5 Terabits per second (Tbps) and a total yearly traffic volume of 13 Exabytes (EB), AMS-IX Amsterdam continues to be one of the world’s leading Internet Exchanges. Furthermore, we saw an uptake of 100GE ports (+52%) and an increase of mobile traffic over the AMS-IX GRX which reached 82 Gbps at its peak (+193%).

CTO Henk Steenman comments: “The demand for bandwidth keeps on increasing, this is reflected by the uptake of 100GE ports (+52%) in Amsterdam. GRX peak traffic reached 82 Gbps (+193%). This significant growth was expected as new European roaming regulation became effective in June 2017, forcing Mobile Network Operators to abolish retail roaming charges within the EU. We also increased our diversity of data centres in the Amsterdam Metro by adding two POP’s, namely Digital Realty’s Amsterdam Data Tower and The Datacenter Group, bringing the total number of POP’s from 12 to 14. This diversity underpins one of our core values of being a neutral Internet Exchange.”

Facts & figures about AMS-IX Amsterdam:

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