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17% traffic increase on the AMS-IX platform due to Corona/ COVID-19 crisis




March 25, 2020

Since the start of the COVID crisis, AMS-IX is experiencing an uptake in internet traffic on the Amsterdam platform. The figures below give a good indication of our changing digital behaviour in the midst of this crisis.

In February, the daily amount of traffic exchanged on the platform was between 48 to 50 Petabyte. However, after the 11th of March – the day that the World Health Organization declared the COVID outbreak a pandemic – we can see a steep rise in the amount of traffic exchanged over the AMS-IX Amsterdam platform. Currently, the traffic volume accounts for 56 to 58 Petabyte on a daily basis, an increase of 17% compared to the previous month. This is almost surely the effect of the COVID-19 quarantine measures enforced by the national governments all over the world.

The effects of the Corona/ COVID-19 quarantine are also visible on the AMS-IX GRX and I-IPX platforms. These peering platforms are used by mobile carriers for exchanging mobile roaming traffic. As can be observed below, the traffic volume exchanged on the platform on a daily basis started the decline quickly after the 10th of March. Around that time, many governments started to take quarantine measures. Currently, the GRX and I-IPX exchange only half the amount of traffic they exchanged a month before.

The total capacity of the AMS-IX platform is 34,6 Terabit per second (Tbps). Since the start of the COVID-19 crisis, there are also a lot of new traffic peaks on the AMS-IX platform in Amsterdam. We just hit the 7,9 Tbps, a new record for the third time in two weeks. It looks like it’s a matter of time till we see the 8 Tbps peak being reached.

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