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AMS-IX and ECP publish a neutral argument diagram about The Temporary Intelligence Services Act in the Netherlands


Alex de Joode

Alex de Joode

Regulatory, Risk, Compliance

December 14, 2022

AMS-IX and ECP have again published an Argumentenkaart (Argument diagram) on a topical issue that may impact the Internet. In this edition, we look closely at the Temporary Act Investigations AIVD and MIVD in countries with an offensive cyber program (WGK013565) under the microscope.

This diagram presents arguments for and against The Dutch Temporary Intelligence Services Act. This bill facilitates the deployment of some cyber powers of the AIVD and MIVD. The oversight of some cyber powers changes; the TIB no longer tests the deployment of these powers in advance, but the CTIVD supervises them during deployment. The law creates an appeal procedure for disputes between the minister(s) and the supervisor(s) to the Administrative Law Division of the Council of State. The law comes from the Intelligence and Security Services Act (Wiv 2017) and applies only to AIVD and MIVD investigations of countries with offensive cyber programs. The law is in effect for four years. This diagram aims to increase the quality of public debate and support decision-making on the law. The map was presented to the Home Affairs Committee yesterday and received by Barbara Kathman (pictured). AMS-IX and ECP hope the map can contribute to an excellent substantive discussion of the proposal in the House of Representatives in mid-January. We also thank the broad group of experts with whom we gathered the arguments in three thinking sessions.

We will follow the debate with great interest.

For more information about the new publication, visit the ECP website (in Dutch)

The argument diagram overview has been made by The Argumentation Factory and is the result of several knowledge sessions in which multiple governmental bodies, academics, NGO's and private companies participated. The neutral and complete overview contains all arguments in favour or against blocking Russia Today and Sputnik News by ISPs. The chart is neutral since there is no hierarchy or weight given to the arguments, and complete because it should contain every argument in the discussion.

AMS-IX and ECP develop these debate overviews twice yearly to strengthen public debate on digitalisation. Last year, AMS-IX and ECP published the argument diagram on using end-to-end encryption by over-the-top services like WhatsApp and iMessage.

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