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Shaping the Future of European Cloud Connectivity




January 15, 2024

In a groundbreaking partnership, AMS-IX, alongside Info Support,, BIT, and TNO, is proud to unveil the "European Cloud Services in an Open Federated Ecosystem" (ECOFED) project. Backed by the Dutch government and endorsed by the European Commission, ECOFED is a testament to AMS-IX's commitment to reshaping the landscape of cloud services in Europe.

Empowering European Cloud Infrastructure through IPCEI-CIS Program

Approved on December 5, 2023, under the Important Project of Common European Interest – Cloud Infrastructure and Services (IPCEI-CIS) program, ECOFED receives a substantial investment of 2.6 billion euros. It dedicates a significant portion of the 70 million euros to advancing cloud federation.

At the heart of ECOFED is a commitment to empower users with freedom of choice. The project aims to facilitate the unbundling of software and cloud solutions by developing open interfaces and open-source software tools. This strategic move simplifies transitions within the cloud ecosystem, allowing users greater flexibility in their cloud service choices. The project also includes the establishment of a national testbed, creating a practical environment for realizing these objectives.

Strategic Cross-Border Collaboration and Dutch Expertise

Scheduled to run from 2024 to 2027, ECOFED is embarking on an ambitious journey, emphasising cross-border collaboration with esteemed European partners. The consortium's primary objective is establishing the technical foundation for an open and federative cloud ecosystem. This pioneering model facilitates the exchange of various services among integrators and infrastructure providers, eliminating the need for a central platform.

In parallel, ECOFED strategically leverages the robust expertise of the Dutch sector. The initiative aims to support companies transitioning from closed hyperscale cloud platforms to a federative ecosystem. The European funding award is a crucial step towards shaping the future of cloud infrastructure.

Transparent Knowledge Sharing

The consortium is developing a dedicated website to keep stakeholders and the public informed. Additionally, participants will actively share insights through various channels, including events, workshops, knowledge sessions, and webinars.

As the ECOFED initiative embarks on its transformative journey, it aims to foster innovation and champion principles of freedom, choice, and sovereignty for cloud users across Europe. Stay tuned for updates on this pioneering initiative shaping the future of European cloud connectivity.

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