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New Board Members




December 16, 2019

At our last General Meeting (GM52), we said goodbye to 2 Supervisory Board members of the AMS-IX association. Alex Bik (BIT) and Mark Cooper (Interxion) left the board after 9 and 3 years of service. We thank them for their hard work and leadership. Jan Thielemans (Arcadiz) and Bernhard Pusch (Telstra) take over their duties. Both Jan and Bernhard are internet veterans. Each of them will bring their own perspective and vision to the table.

Jan Thielemans (Arcadiz)

“I want to help and give input on the long-term strategic course of AMS-IX. Neutral internet exchanges are vital for the future of the internet. With my contribution I want to make sure that the role of AMS-IX is secure now and for the coming years.”

Bernhard Pusch (Telstra)

“I want to give the board an Asian perspective. Half the world’s population is situated in Asia and the region is quickly developing an appetite for European content. At the same time new Asian content providers are of great interest for European providers. As the internet grows in Asia there are opportunities to build new exchanges using the experience that AMS-IX has.”

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