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Port fees 2022

New 100 GE and 10 GE port fees for 2022




December 8, 2021

AMS-IX is proud to announce that we’re introducing new prices for 10GE and 100GE customer ports at our Internet Exchange in Amsterdam.

For 100GE ports, we’re introducing a combination of a new volume price reduction (VPR) and a price reduction for customers who will commit to 12- and 24-months contract terms. For 12 months commitment, we’re introducing a 10% price reduction and for 24 months commitment even 25%. For 10GE ports, we’re introducing price reductions as well, up to 10% and 20% for contract commitments of 12 and 24 months.

Mike Baron, CCO:

"AMS-IX wants to grow in Amsterdam by offering customers the best possible value. With these new port fees for 2022, we will continue to offer cost-effective peering fees and at the same time be able to attract new networks and grow the community.”

New pricing for 100GE ports as of January 2022

# Ports

24-month contract
(price per port, in EUR)
12-month contract
(price per port, in EUR)
3-month contract
(price per port, in EUR)
1 - 32,7003,2503,600
4 - 72,3503,1103,600
8 - 112,1502,8403,600
>=122,150 for every extra port2,640 for every extra port3,600

New pricing for 10GE ports as of January 2022

24-month contract (price per port, in EUR)12-month contract (price per port, in EUR)3-month contract (price per port, in EUR)

Existing customers who don’t want to commit to a contract term of a minimum of 12-months will keep their existing port price.

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